My Coiler System

A new way of providing customer service

In Coiler System there is a department dedicated exclusively
to after-sales services. Here technicians and expert programmers work
together to guarantee a direct communication channel and always
active and an immediate and constant assistance service.

Ticket system

In this area, you can ask for direct support by opening a support ticket. Opening a request activates an organized and automated workflow that leads to the rapid resolution of any problem. Once the ticket is closed, the information about the request and its solution are stored on line. This helps us to improve the quality of our support service.

Support: remotely and in the field

Coiler System carries out assistance remotely or in person. In the first case, the Coiler System technicians give timely support to the customer who is on board the machine; in the second, a specialized figure is sent to view and work on site. The technicians carry out direct assistance throughout Europe.

Spare parts service

Coiler System has 100% of the consumable components available in stock and ready to ship. The immediate availability of spare parts makes customer assistance quick and easy and is crucial in solving the problem.

To receive information contact the Coiler System staff:
Phone.0735.90387  Email

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